O que você irá aprender

Class with 11'05" where Rodrigo and Laura teach intermediate movement of modern bachata with a sequence that addresses flicks, ilusion, hip and arm ornaments for the ladies.

Quem são os professores

Rodrigo has his first contact with dance at age 15. He elaborated choreographies for your samba group. Five years later, forró win the starring role and Rodrigo going to learn the style. Until Rueda de Casino steals the show and wins all the teacher's attention. In 2004, Rodrigo moved to Spain where he met the bachata (original rhythm of the Dominican Republic). Today, the teacher is specialized in Latin rhythms, with emphasis on bachata and salsa. Laura studied ballet for 6 years and was part of the Municipal Ballet of São Caetano. The ballroom dancing comes into your life through zouk (Brazilian dance with music from the French Antilles). Much study and dedication to the rhythm until, in 2005, bachata snatches the attention and interest of Laura. Today, the teacher is specialized in Latin rhythms with emphasis on bachata and salsa. Professional study bachata since 2006, and are the first to possess a rhythm group in Brazil and choreographies for couples. Laura Rodrigo and actively participate in national and international congresses of bachata, always with the aim of adding more and more advantages to work. - 2011 Rio Salsa Congress- Rio de Janeiro / RJ - 2011 POA Salsa Congress - Porto Alegre / RS _ 2011 Comadreja - Córdoba / AR - 2012 II Salsa POA Congress - Porto Alegre / RS _ 2012 Updates: Participation in World Congresses Salsa from 2005 to 2010. _ 3 Bachata workshops with Jorge Ataca and Tanja La Alemana in Buenos Aires - AR - 2011 LA Bachata Congress - 2011